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Former Students now in many different High Schools


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St. Dorothy’s School Massimo – School Bus Project

This year we want to purchase a School Bus as a priority Project.


A bus will greatly help many children who cannot walk to our school daily for education.

With a bus we can transport our children for educational tours or athletic activities easily.

The community or churches who wish to travel can hire our bus, providing us with money for repairs and mentainance.

St. Dorothy’s School Massimo has proven that it can produce results. The population of students has increased tremendously.

Most of our pioneer students are now in various universities in Kenya.

As a consequence, our school is growing and needs a bus to enable students and the community to commute more easily.

Our school begins boarding this year on 7 th of January 2015 for the first time . This is a beginning of new chapter for our school. We are admitting children of classes 4 to 8. Take the opportunity to educate your child in one of the best schools in Meru county.

We invite all parents to bring their children to our school from class 4 to 8. The dormitories are ready.

Excellent facility conducive for children learning environment .We shall take care of your child in the best way possible. Our school is the best in our district.

Our motto is ..We Lead by Example.














St Dorothy school Massimo






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Computer graduates 2013 class

School leavers have an opportunity to learn information technology before they begin higher studies in collages.
You need IT.

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Good Friday at st Massimo 2013

Good Friday at st Massimo 2013

Jesus, we praise you and adore you.. Because by your cross you have redeemed the whole world.

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Good Friday Procession to st. Massimo church.

Good Friday Procession to st. Massimo church.

There cannot be Easter without Good Friday..
We all must go through this process if we want to rise with The Lord.

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St. Dorothy’s Computer Students Graduate.

St. Dorothy's Computer Students Graduate.

These school leavers are now computer literate and a ready to go to collages for further studies .
Information technology is a key to learning in modern world.

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