Our school begins boarding this year on 7 th of January 2015 for the first time . This is a beginning of new chapter for our school. We are admitting children of classes 4 to 8. Take the opportunity to educate your child in one of the best schools in Meru county.

We invite all parents to bring their children to our school from class 4 to 8. The dormitories are ready.

Excellent facility conducive for children learning environment .We shall take care of your child in the best way possible. Our school is the best in our district.

Our motto is ..We Lead by Example.














St Dorothy school Massimo






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Computer graduates 2013 class

School leavers have an opportunity to learn information technology before they begin higher studies in collages.
You need IT.

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Good Friday at st Massimo 2013

Good Friday at st Massimo 2013

Jesus, we praise you and adore you.. Because by your cross you have redeemed the whole world.

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Good Friday Procession to st. Massimo church.

Good Friday Procession to st. Massimo church.

There cannot be Easter without Good Friday..
We all must go through this process if we want to rise with The Lord.

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St. Dorothy’s Computer Students Graduate.

St. Dorothy's Computer Students Graduate.

These school leavers are now computer literate and a ready to go to collages for further studies .
Information technology is a key to learning in modern world.

After six years , our parish was officially inaugurated.The main church was not built, rectory or a school. Through the generosity of so many friends our christians:-
We have completed building the main church,
A morden rectory,
A complete complex school with all classes from Grades K to Eight.
Among other projects we have been able to accomplish in this six years record.
We are very happy to invite you to our church opening ceremony to be held on 2nd September 2012.The ceremony will start with Holy Mass at 10.00am and thereafter a reception.

We Sincerely thank you for your great and kind contribution towards building of our church.

Please come and receive blessings with the Christians of St. Massimo Church

Posted by: bnjeru | 23 June 2011

Church Pews…

The pastor and the entire christian community of St. Massimo Parish in Kenya are so grateful to all our  friends who donated money to buy pews for our church. We managed to raise funds for 100 pews.  It was so overwhelming to see how you responded positively in building Gods church. We shall inscribe  your name or family name on the pew. Our Christians will remember you and pray for you forever.

The pews are being made by Consolata Missionaries at Sagana Technical Training Institute. They are made from a special timber (Mahogany) from Congo. Thank you so much..(Asanteni Sana).

Posted by: bnjeru | 17 June 2011

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