Posted by: Matteo | 20 August 2008

Medical Camp by MHCDO – Kamujine on 13th August 2008

We had a very successful Medical at Kamujine farm in mikinduri East Division.

The Medical camp was organized by mikinduri hope community organization in conjunction with the Mikinduri Children of Hope Foundation of Canada.

About 1200 people suffering from various ailments benefited from the camp.

For the camp to succeed so many people sacrificed time, money and means. of special mention are the following..

  1. Binario per l’Africa. Friends from Italy from Binario per l’Africa were very helpful at the camp. they distributed medicines, glasses, arranged people, sang with the sick,consoled the sick..etc.
  2. Miathene District Hospital donated some Medicines which was very helpful
  3. The D.O Tigania Central, The D.O Tigania East and Fr I/C St Massimo parish all helped with transport.


  1. I have uploaded a video of the Medical Camp to YOUTUBE: see

  2. […] al Medical Camp, una giornata in cui sono stati distribuiti medicinali e […]

  3. I’LL NEVER FORGET THE DAYS I spent at St MAssimo Parish Kenya. 3rd to 21st August 2008…FOR ALL MY LIFE!!! “Munyiri Munyiri ayia yia Munyiri,”

    THANK YOU!!!


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