Posted by: 571s | 27 August 2008

Computer and Tailoring-Dressmaking classes

Computer School which started in 2008 st St Dorothy’s school Massimo has now trained  more than 100 graduates in  Computer application packages.

This is an initiative of Binario per Africa Organization from Italy who donated Laptops  in loving Memory of Giorgio.

The Computer course includes: Introduction,Word,Excel,Access,Page Maker,PowerPoint and Internet/Browsing.

The community of st Mikinduri has benefited so much from this initiative and we thank everyone who initiated this project which is so helpful to our students who need Computer knowledge these days.


Maria Grazia and Elizabeth Nkio have tailoring courses going on at st Massimo parish .

The Sewing course includes: Introduction to dressmaking,use of Electrical sewing machine and its accessories,making of dresses , School uniforms,Ladies’ and Men’s suits etc.

Candidates are taught how to make dresses, shirt, table cloths purses, curtains, long and short pants  using electric machines. Take advantage of this great offer for your future  career.

For more information Contact us.

Fr. Bernard Njeru or Dorothy Flint

Helen or Rebeca or Elizabeth Nkio

St. Massimo parish…

P.O. Box 36



  1. Well, for us is a great satisfaction. Again classes and courses for the Mikinduri people, this is a good new. From Italy to Kenya now there’s a “binario” full of ideas and friends.
    Ciao to all, ciao Father Bernard

  2. Asante Luigi and all Binario friends from Italy…….
    Munyiri Munyiri ayiyia Munyiri. We love you and pray for you. Our people are very proud of you all and your assistance.

  3. Ciao

    Any news regarding computer and tailoring courses?

    Have a nice Christmas and happy new year!

  4. The projects and activities carried on are a great achievement and a great step towards Development Goals in our area. May your efforts be blessed and successful as it is in such service that the fruits of our labor becomes a blessing for the posterity.

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