Posted by: bnjeru | 10 April 2011


1        Chairman             Eng. John Kanampiu

2        V/Chairman          William Kimotho

3        Secretary              Silas Mwilaria

4        V/Secretary           Julius Kirimi

5        Treasurer              Patrick Mutiga

6        Committee            Jane Michubu

7        Committee            Damaris Kinya Ithalii

8        Committee            Mary Mungathia

9        Committee            Lucy Kirunya

10      Committee            Rose Mungori   (Chairlady CWA)

11      Committee            Murungi Joseph Nchaili (Chairman CMA)

12      Co-opted              James Mwenda

13      Co-opted              Elijah M’taaru

14      Co-opted              Chief Alex Kiburi

15      Co-opted              Simon Thiane Kubaison

16      Co-opted              Mrs Lucy Mujuri

17      Co-opted              Mr Gervasio Gianka


  1. Good work FR B

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