Posted by: bnjeru | 15 June 2011

New Church


  1. It has taken time to think and design this sanctuary.
    The heavenly hosts theme in our church takes your breath away. While you are in the church, you feel protected by Christ who is a Good shepherd.
    Thanks to Titus the artist who put his heart and mind to draw these amazing images of Jesus and the angles flying up and down singing the song of Joy to the Lamb.

  2. congrats Fr. B. for your excellent work in our Parish and more so in updating our church website. Keep up & may our good Lord bless you abundantly. You are one in a million. You are our super star and a man of God to watch. You have taken time to select the images & photos that depict our church. Keep on keeping on and add even more information to this website or all to see our area and locality from wherever in the globe.
    By Joseph Mbiti

  3. Is that the Tabernacle from Henry SD in the picture behind the alter?

  4. Wow!!!


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