Posted by: bnjeru | 23 June 2011

Church Pews…

The pastor and the entire christian community of St. Massimo Parish in Kenya are so grateful to all our  friends who donated money to buy pews for our church. We managed to raise funds for 100 pews.  It was so overwhelming to see how you responded positively in building Gods church. We shall inscribe  your name or family name on the pew. Our Christians will remember you and pray for you forever.

The pews are being made by Consolata Missionaries at Sagana Technical Training Institute. They are made from a special timber (Mahogany) from Congo. Thank you so much..(Asanteni Sana).


  1. This was good work we did. Fr.B thank you for your great support. Many Friends were with us and all are blessed.

  2. Father B so glad YOU could raise funds for 100 pews we love you Father B and you know St Dorothy’s in Glendora would do anything we could to help you if we can

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