Contact us

You can reach us through the following postal address:

St Massimo Catholic  Parish
P.O. Box 36
Mikinduri- 60607

OR via email to the parish priest Rev. Fr. Bernard Njeru. Email:



  1. […] Contact us […]

  2. […] Contact us […]

  3. I am happy with the way the Parish is growing and i pray God that more developments take place.

  4. may God bless U in everything that U do fr. B

  5. I request for a job as a Tutor/Instructor as i have a diploma in fashion design and garment making from Kenya polytechnic university and a certificate for Instructor from Kenya Technical Teachers College.Awaiting for response may God bless the parish abundantly.

    yours faithfully,
    Elizabeth Mumbe,

  6. Congratulations fr. B for your good work in our parish may God bless you .

  7. The development seen at st. massimo are not by anyone who should joke with devopment minded pple. it is with great respect that i say a big thanks to fr. nkanya and his development pertners. may God give you and your collegues long life to continue the spirit.

  8. May the spirit of the lord be with you.I thank you sincerly for your generosity.
    God be with you till we meet though you are always in my heart.St massimo
    parish for jesus.God bless Mikinduri.

    In christ,
    Fr.Pontianos Nyaga.
    Loppiano Italy.
    on 1 May 2013.

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