After six years , our parish was officially inaugurated.The main church was not built, rectory or a school. Through the generosity of so many friends our christians:-
We have completed building the main church,
A morden rectory,
A complete complex school with all classes from Grades K to Eight.
Among other projects we have been able to accomplish in this six years record.
We are very happy to invite you to our church opening ceremony to be held on 2nd September 2012.The ceremony will start with Holy Mass at 10.00am and thereafter a reception.

We Sincerely thank you for your great and kind contribution towards building of our church.

Please come and receive blessings with the Christians of St. Massimo Church

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Church Pews…

The pastor and the entire christian community of St. Massimo Parish in Kenya are so grateful to all our  friends who donated money to buy pews for our church. We managed to raise funds for 100 pews.  It was so overwhelming to see how you responded positively in building Gods church. We shall inscribe  your name or family name on the pew. Our Christians will remember you and pray for you forever.

The pews are being made by Consolata Missionaries at Sagana Technical Training Institute. They are made from a special timber (Mahogany) from Congo. Thank you so much..(Asanteni Sana).

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New Church

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1        Chairman             Eng. John Kanampiu

2        V/Chairman          William Kimotho

3        Secretary              Silas Mwilaria

4        V/Secretary           Julius Kirimi

5        Treasurer              Patrick Mutiga

6        Committee            Jane Michubu

7        Committee            Damaris Kinya Ithalii

8        Committee            Mary Mungathia

9        Committee            Lucy Kirunya

10      Committee            Rose Mungori   (Chairlady CWA)

11      Committee            Murungi Joseph Nchaili (Chairman CMA)

12      Co-opted              James Mwenda

13      Co-opted              Elijah M’taaru

14      Co-opted              Chief Alex Kiburi

15      Co-opted              Simon Thiane Kubaison

16      Co-opted              Mrs Lucy Mujuri

17      Co-opted              Mr Gervasio Gianka

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Computer and Tailoring-Dressmaking classes

Computer School which started in 2008 st St Dorothy’s school Massimo has now trained  more than 100 graduates in  Computer application packages.

This is an initiative of Binario per Africa Organization from Italy who donated Laptops  in loving Memory of Giorgio.

The Computer course includes: Introduction,Word,Excel,Access,Page Maker,PowerPoint and Internet/Browsing.

The community of st Mikinduri has benefited so much from this initiative and we thank everyone who initiated this project which is so helpful to our students who need Computer knowledge these days.


Maria Grazia and Elizabeth Nkio have tailoring courses going on at st Massimo parish .

The Sewing course includes: Introduction to dressmaking,use of Electrical sewing machine and its accessories,making of dresses , School uniforms,Ladies’ and Men’s suits etc.

Candidates are taught how to make dresses, shirt, table cloths purses, curtains, long and short pants  using electric machines. Take advantage of this great offer for your future  career.

For more information Contact us.

Fr. Bernard Njeru or Dorothy Flint

Helen or Rebeca or Elizabeth Nkio

St. Massimo parish…

P.O. Box 36


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Medical Camp by MHCDO – Kamujine on 13th August 2008

We had a very successful Medical at Kamujine farm in mikinduri East Division.

The Medical camp was organized by mikinduri hope community organization in conjunction with the Mikinduri Children of Hope Foundation of Canada.

About 1200 people suffering from various ailments benefited from the camp.

For the camp to succeed so many people sacrificed time, money and means. of special mention are the following..

  1. Binario per l’Africa. Friends from Italy from Binario per l’Africa were very helpful at the camp. they distributed medicines, glasses, arranged people, sang with the sick,consoled the sick..etc.
  2. Miathene District Hospital donated some Medicines which was very helpful
  3. The D.O Tigania Central, The D.O Tigania East and Fr I/C St Massimo parish all helped with transport.



During the Mass of 17th August 2008 Father Bernard and the group of Binario per l’Africa will give the Certificates to the Participants of the first Computer and Tailoring courses

With the help of Binario per l’Africa, in the first weeks of August 2008 we’ll provide FREE courses in computers and tailoring-dressmaking. If you are interested in them, please contact us.

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Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to the website of St Massimo Parish in Meru.

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