Kamujine Farmers Training Center

Kamujine Dispensary

St Dorothy’s School

St Massimo Computer College

St Massimo Sewing College


  1. An awsome project. A lot of work. May all your efforts grow and flurish as Fr. Bernard invisions them . We in Glendora,Ca. admire his dedication to the people,especially the children. God bless all of you as you work to support him. May the Holy Spirit shower you with grace and inspiration.Love grows and flows through the community. May it touch you all. Joy Martau

  2. It is good to be a member of St. massimo Community. Fr. B. you are in fact aq blessing to us. Keep up this spirit – you will go down into books of history as the pioneer of our Parish, transforming it into a modern parish and a global centre of excellence. May God bless you abundantly. A kind request Fr. B – Pliz update this website ogf ours.

  3. Please Fr. B update this website, kindly.

  4. add For instance, Fr. B photos on the progress made on our parish water project.

  5. Father B, I agree this website needs to be updated. All the way from California, we understand you do not have time to do this. How about assigning the job to someone else. Many people who donate their resources look to the website to see all you are doing, especially the water project.
    God will continue to bless you and God is always at your side for the many things you do for the children and the parish of St. Massimo.

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