Our St Dorothy’s School

St. Dorothy School Massimo opened in January 2008 by Fr. Bernard Njeru the Fr. I/c of St Massimo Parish Meru- Kenya.


We are located at Mikinduri Market 25 kilometer from Meru town along Meru Mikinduri road in Tigania East District. St Dorothy’s is a  Private School Sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Meru_ Kenya.  We have  the following classes : Nursery A. & B, Class 1. 2, 3, 4 ,5 and 6  with a population of 240 children.

Our Mission:

To offer our children A Quality Catholic Education.

Our Motto

To lead by Example

Our Vision

To provide a Christian environment in which our curriculum emphasizes moral, ethical, Intellectual and spiritual values of the Catholic Church to all our children. Our devotion to Our Lord is what makes our school community so special and unique.

Our Faith is most important at St. Dorothy School. With the aid of St Massimo community, we try to make our Catholic faith permeate throughout the campus and hope that it thrives in our homes. Without your commitment to our Faith, we are helpless.











St. Dorothy’s School Massimo Enrollment. November 2008Nursery A
Ann Kinya Coronelio Kabara Catherine Kirimi 2004
Breget Gakii Julius Kimathi Angelica Makena 2003
Brenda Gacheri Casmil Mithika Janet Nkatha 2002
Brenda Kathure Patrick Kiburi Peninah Kirito 2003
Brenda Mukiri Joseph Mwiti Celina Kananau 2004
Brian Muriuki John Mwenda Felista Karimi 2004
Caren Murugi Charles Muchui Lydia Gatwiri 2004
Dicken Mutembei Michael Kilii 2004
Edwin Murithi Patrick Kang’ura Lucy Kaburi 2003
Emmanuel Muthee George Mbaabu Margaret Nyoroka 2004
Emmanuel Mwirigi Nicholas Murianki Lucieta Nkio 2004
Godwin Muthuri Peter Mwongela Purity Kananu 2004
Grace Kangai John Ndigi 2005
Iyvonne Nkatha Samuel Gikundi Zaveria Nkura 2003
Jeremiah Muriungi Philipine Gaceri 2004
Juliet Kathure Julius Gitonga Christine Kagwiria 2004
Kelvin Mukaria Festus Gikundi Hellen Kinya 2004
Kelvin Muthomi Joseph Muriungi Jane Kabilu 2003
Kelvin Mutwiri Stella Kagendo 2003
Kelvin Mwirigi Alice Muiti 2004
Lewis Muriuki Jacob Kilemi Rose Kainda 2005
Nelly Wanja Festus Mwilaria Pamela Karambu 2003
Oscar Kimathi Paul Mungiria Rose Kendi 2004
Sharon Mwende Raphael Mwiti Joy Wanja 2004
Wiclif Mugo Stephen Miano Emily Kagwiria 2003
Winjoy Mwende Protasio Gitonga Jerusha Mwonthea 2004
Adah Nyambura Ezabela Karimi 2003
Alex Murithi Julius Miriti Doris Muthoni 2003
Babra Makena Julius Mung’athia Mary Mwari 2002
Edfrey Murimi Edward Mugambi Phulipine Mukiri 2003
Glory Kawira Simon Thiane Juliet Thiaine 2001
Hiram Mundia Elias Kiragare Faith Mundia 2001
Joy Makena David Njati Jane Mukiri 2001
Mariam Wanja James Muriira Damaris Kalayu 2002
Mitchel Ntinyari Samsom Muriungi Mary Karimi 2002
Moreen Nkatha Sammy Kiburi Joyce Karimi 2003
Moses Thuranira Francis Kiramana Julia Naitore 2001
Nelly Kananu Isaac Kubai Ruth Kirito 2002
Peter Mukura Paul Iruki Lucy Mucece 2003
Shallen Amuhumo Benjamin Indakwa Anjelica M. Kaigera 2003
Waren Mboya Grace Gaita 2003
Winfred Kamathi Olympia Ncucubu 2003
Ann Kendi James Mithika Josephine Kaloki 2002
Belinda Gaceri Monica Karei 2001
Brenda Gatwiri Alfred Thiaine Ann Kendi 2001
Brian Mutethia Julius Mutwiri Jane Mutwiri 2002
Charles James Muthomi Lawrence Ithalii Damaris Kinya 2000
Dominic Mwenda George Mbaabu Margaret Nyoroka 2001
Emmanuel Muriuki Paul Iruki Lucy Mucece 2002
Eric Mugambi Gideon Kalothi Jane Mwonjaru 2001
Kelvin Muchui Joseph Kaunyangi Dororthy Mwari 2003
Kelvin Munene Fabian Thaitumu Susan Kirito 1999
Laureen Gatwiri Selvester Gikundi Joanina Mwonjaru 2001
Lemmy Gikundi John Kobia Jane Nkirote 2002
Phineas Mwiti Michael Thiauru Ann Kananu 2001
Raymond Maganga Bernard Mugambi Benedict Mugambi 2002
Allan Karani Abel Kinyua Ann Muthoni 2000
Anastasia Kendi Dennis Mugambi Damaris Muiti 2000
Brian Mwenda Lydia Gacheri 2002
Celestine Munene Zacharia Kanyiru Lucy Kinya 2001
Charles Mutabari Barnaba kinyua Mary Karimi 2000
Dennis Mwirigi Selvester Gikndi Joanina Mwonjaru 2000
Eric Kinoti Frankline Mugambi Lydia Njilu 2000
Eric Mutethia Geoffrey Gitabi Rose Nkirote 2000
Ian Muriuki Jackson Kaumbuthu Mary Kaimenti 2000
Lilian Gatwiri Joseph Muriira Julia Muriira 2000
Rogers Mwenda David Kaungania Elizabeth Nkio 2000
Rose Makena Ayub Kirianki Jane Karambu 1997
Roy mugambi Charles Muchui Lydia Gatwiri 2001
Victor Mwenda Alexander Kiburi Stella Kainda 2001
Yvonne Mwendwa Francis Ithalii Triphosa Kananu 2000
AnnaRacheal Mwende Fredrick Mutegi Emily Muthoni 1999
Armstrong Mutembei Elias Kirigara Faith Mundia 1999
Ayub Mukaria Gervasio Lumiri Ann Kathekia 1996
Brenda Kathure Samson Muriungi Mary Karimi 1998
Caroline Kagwiria Geoffrey Ithalii Lucy Gakii 1998
Caroline Kendi Eric Kaberia Zipporah Kaithiori 1997
Edna Kanana Patrick Kubai Tabitha Muthoni 1997
Elina kananu Casmill Ntarangwi Jane Ikolomi 1987
Emma Mwendwa Alois Kiunga Rose Karimi 1999
Evalyne Kanana Zachary King’eru Stella Naitore 1999
Ivy Muthoni Rebecca Lintari 1999
James Kirimi Geoffrey Gitabi Rose Nkirote 1996
Josephine Kagwiria David Kaungania Elizabeth Nkio 1997
Phillipine Kanana Abel Mung’arhia Sabina Nkui 1996
Phineas Gikundi Joseph Kairithia Beatrice Kinya 1998
Rose Gakii James Mithika Josephine Karauki 1998
N/B 16
Gr 1 14
Gr 2 16
Gr 4 16
Total 88

Who is St Dorothy
Our story takes place in Cappodocia, in the 4th century. Cappadocia was an important city in Asia Minor, in what is now the country of Turkey.

Dorothy was one of the many Christians who were brought before the Roman judge because they believed in Jesus Christ. When Sapricius, the Roman judge, saw her, he sent everyone from the courtroom. “I want to help you, Dorothy,” he said when they were alone. “You are too beautiful to die for some silly God. Take these few grains of incense and burn them before the idol. Do this, and I shall let you go at once!” Dorothy answered: “I have sworn to be faithful to my Lord Jesus Christ, even unto death.”

The judge threatened to put her in prison. Dorothy said proudly: “The sooner you do the sooner I shall be in paradise, where I may praise God with the angels.” Dorothy was put in prison, where she was beaten and burned with torches. Theophilus, the local governor overheard all that she had said to the judge. He jeered at her and said; “When you are up there with ’your’ angels, since it is now winter, remember me and send me some nice fruit from the Tree of Paradise” At that, she was taken and put to death.


That evening Theophilus was sitting with his friends drinking and eating and telling them about his joke. “Just think,” he laughed, “she said she would send me greetings from Paradise.” Hardly had he finished speaking when a young child appeared, the child spread out a cloth, and though it was a cold, wintry day, handed Theophilus three apples and three blossoms from the ‘Tree of Paradise.’ His heart almost stopped beating and he sank down on his knees and cried: “I swear that the God in whom Dorothy believed is the true and only God!”


Saint Dorothy suffered a martyr’s death for her love of our Lord. Her body is kept in the celebrated ancient church which bears her name, St. Dorothy, very close to the Church of Saint Frances of Rome. You may visit there, when you are in Rome. The feast of this holy virgin and martyr is February 6. She is the Patroness of gardeners and florists.

From January 2009 we open a new and bigger school as you can see from this photo.We are inviting you to bring your child to our school because we care and love our children. We  offer computer courses for our classes 3, 4 and 5.

We plan to build a dormitory so that we can have  boarding facilities  in our school.

Our hopes are great and we prepared for any challenge. We want an institution that gives our children a fighting chance in this competitive world.



  1. I didn’t know the story about St. Dorothy Father.It’s such a touching one and to think it’s associated with our school!

  2. i’m much excited and overwhelmed by the assistant and support to help our children grow with their faith strong built in our Catholic faith. this will help the be much near to God in their lives. Also Thanks to Father Benard for The best support with the power of God he has give to the fraternity of St. Dorothy’s school and St. Massimo in Parish. The school will help many children in Mikinduri to be based strongly in the faith thus being near to God. Thank you

  3. This is a great deal of good work done within a short time.We need you to do half of this in Muthambi. Conglatulations for the new face of the school!!

  4. Munyiri…munyiri…ahia ia munyiri!!!!


    It’s so exciting to see our projects come true, I’m very happy for St. Massimo!!!

    You’re always in my hearth! See you very soon….

    A big hug to everyone

  5. St.dorothy is among the best academic centres of exellence.Thanks to Fr.B for the support he has put to make this school the best in Tigania East District.Father may God bless you and keep on being a blessing to the mikinduri community.Deacon Linus G

  6. Deacon, Thanks for your kind sentiments.. I know that you are doing well and God is guiding you to serve his people of Muthambi with the same Zeal that you had here at Massimo. remember that your room is till open and ready. THanks for who you are to me.. December is not far… I am waiting for your ordination.. man…

  7. Dear Father, one month and half is gone and our heart is still in Mikinduri. We are happy to see people interested in what we have done in Mikinduri and in what we are going to do for the future. We are happy to answer that our experience has been BEAUTIFUL and we hope to repeat it again and do all it is necessary to see pleople happy. Father don’t forget: you and the community are not alone. YOUR FRIENDS FROM ITALY ARE WITH YOU!!!!
    A big hug to the teachers and children of the NEW St. Dorothy School.
    Good luck to everyone! See you next year!


  8. one who posses a virtuous character will not only be happy but worth happiness. long long live st. massimo nad long live st. dorothy. thank you fr. B and GOD bless you

  9. In deed you are in minds of mikinduri people to stay with no eraser can undo what you’ve done. kudos fr.

  10. It’s amazing to see our area on the web. i am so impressed by how it looks presentable and well organised. thanks for the effort put to see this great work done. God bless our parish and community as a whole. Sr. Pamela

  11. Kudos for the good work in imparting knowledge and virtues to our children. Good Education is the well spring of humanity. God bless all those involved in this noble work!

  12. Wow! I saw the pictures of the school and I cannot find the right words to tell what I feel. I can just say that I’m very happy. God bless you Father B. and the community of Mikinduri for the opportunity given to children to learn about the world, to try to realize their own dreams.

    Hoping to come back to Mikinduri once.

    Big Hug.


  13. Am pround to be associated with the school.Am a parent with two children. They are doing well and am happy about their school progress from time to time. THANK YOU very much FR.Bernard and your team. We as parents expect wonderful results upon reaching national exams.

    Please update the pictorial profile of the School with the final face after construction was completed.

    Also update the pupils class status.


  14. this is so nice to hear n see u in the net, qt sure u have proved it dat u lead by example

    May almighty God bless all those who have conributed to this far.


  15. Uncle Ben thats good work of you.

  16. Hi Fr B. Its long since I saw you – too busy. How is the going at the Hospital? I know by the time you are thro’ with it, it will be a different & better place all together. Good luck Fr B. Mbiti Joseph

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  69. fr.B.u have really made a very big change en with some impct to the society of mikinduri.ur a brilliant dad 2 many.kudos en may God bless you abudantly…………mwenda kobia

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  71. fr B you r indeed gifted and selflessly generous.A gift not only to the people of st massimo but to Meru at large. Never look back coz God will always sustain ur effort.

  72. I am happy to note that my Home Parish is growing everybody. It is worth a comment about the growth of St. Dorothy’s School, Massimo. Education is the only sure way to eradicate poverty. The Church is a key player in every society. I am proud to be associated with St. Massimo Parish. God Bless you all.

  73. Wow! “I swear that the God in whom Dorothy believed is the true and only God!”
    The history of St. Dorothy is new to me.

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